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In 2010, the french NGO Acroporis in partnership with few villagers, start a rehabilitation program for the damaged coral reef around Tumbak. Some artificial reefs were built and a small coral farm started.

From the experience we get from our collaboration in this program with start to build a new reef on the sand bottom in front of Tumbak Island Cottages. The main goal of this project is not only to create a snorkeling site, but also to promote and improve the technics developed by Acroporis. We want to involve the tourists in Tumbak to participate in the rehabilitation of the damaged reefs in the area of Tumbak.

Physic rehabilitation (Artificial Reefs)

With artificial reefs we create a structure that could be colonize by a diversity of organism. In tropical water with good condition hard corals will be dominant after some cycle. It usually needs one or two years before hard corals start to grow on artificial reefs. After few days green algae will colonize the artificial reefs, after few month red algae, sponges and tunicates will succeed to the green algae. In a long term hard coral usually win the competition for space and a new coral reef will grow on the artificial reef.

Biologic rehabilitation (coral transplantation)


For biologic rehabilitation we transplant small piece of living coral on damaged reefs or on artificial reefs. The coral are taken on living reef when it’s generally easy to find break coral (because of anchor, net…), but we also take small piece on big colonies of coral (It won’t affect the health of the colony if we take only small piece).  The corals can be growth in farm before being transplanted so we can avoid taking more coral in healthy reefs.

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