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mangrove in Tumbak


Sulawesi is one of the five main islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Sulawesi is quite unique island by its geography between Asia and Oceania. Sulawesi has a unique fauna and flora mixed from two continents and with the highest endemic level in the world.

Sixty percent of the species of Sulawesi can only meet in this island! Sulawesi is also in the center of the coral triangle, the area with the highest marine biodiversity in the world. However Sulawesi is one of the biggest island in the world, only few place are visited by tourist out of the most popular places like Tanah Toraja, Bunaken Marine Park or Togian islands.

With this web site we want to make you discover other places in Sulawesi. We have make a selection of somes places for their authenticity, their beauty and their interest for their nature and culture.

Sulawesi Island Adventures support local ecotourism development with local partners to improve local economy and nature protection. Some places are difficult to get there but we'll glad to help you to organize your travel in these places.

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