Limbo Island

Limbo is a small island of seven kilometers long at the far east of the Banggai archipelago, at just 3.5 kilometers from Taliabu Island the biggest island of the Sula Archipelago in the North Maluku.However Limbo is part of the North maluku province, the easiest way to get there is by boat from Banggai harbour in Sulawesi. The largest part of the island is formed by a huge and untouched mangrove, borded by beautful white sand beach in front of masoni Island in the banggai. The bajo village of Limbo is in the south of the island around a small hill of red sand. The village is the only visible mark of human presence in the area. A visit at Limbo will make you feel to be at the World's End. Peoples in limbo lives exclusively from the sea: fishing, see weeds farming... Unfortunately, the closest reefs are very damaged by dynamite fishing who is still very present in Limbo. But the area is big enought and there is only few resident around Limbo so it's easy to find reefs in very good condition. Big fishes like sharks, rays or sea turtles are still well present.

Peoples in Limbo are very friendly and you'll easily be hositng. It's easy to find fishermen that will bring you to explore the surronding of Limbo. You just have to give participation to buy the gasolin. Limbo rarely received visitors, so peoples are very happy to bring visitors explore their place.

It's possible to dive with compressor in Limbo. The equipment that we use was in very good condition. But we think only confirmed divers should try, because safety stop and safety rules are not known by the fishermen and accidents are frequent. Bring your dive computer!!!!.

The best period to go in Limbo is from march to may and from october to november.

Wacth a video of Limbo.

Wacth a video of the reefs around Limbo.

Limbo's surronding

Tabalang Island

Tabalang is one of the many islands between Limbo and Taliabu. Like most of these islands, tabalang is a small mangrove surronding but white sand. The reef at Tabalang is untouched and a huge diversity of coral, great spot for snorkeling and diving with compressor.est l’une des nombreuses petites iles entre Limbo et Taliabu. La plupart de ces iles sont comme Tabalang de petits récifs avec un banc de sable blanc au centre et quelques arbres ou une petite mangrove. Tabalang possède un récif intact avec une très grande diversité de coraux et de petits poissons, idéal pour le snorkeling. We saw sea turtles and small sharks. Fishermen that bring us to tabalang catch a 2.5 kilograms lobster and fresh ishes that we eat in barbeque with young coconuts.

Dive in the reef of Tabalang.

Taliabu Island, Beringin village

Just in front of Limbo village, there is a river where local peoples take fresh water and wash their clothes. If you follow the river you'll find a small village in the middle of the jungle, beringin village. The place is beatiful and very calm. No road bring to Beringin.




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