Ratatotok Bay

Beach at SalimBurung Island

The bay of Ratatotok is localized in the South-East Minahasa district, North Sulawesi, at four hours from Manado city by road. The name of the bay come from the village of the same name. The bay is closed by a long peninsula, Totok peninsula, prolonged by a line of five small islands SalimBurung, Hogow, Dakokayu et Batutiga and Naga. The bay offers beautifull landscapes and beaches, mangroves and coral reefs.

Ratatotok village

Ratatotok village is divided in two part separated by a big mangrove of 90 hectares. It's possible to be host by local people in Ratatotok, looking for Mas Pudin around the big Mosque, he will help you to find a place to stay and to find a boat for exploring the bay and its islands. it's also possible to explore the mangrove with canoe and to visit the pearl farm near the village.


The islands of the bay


To explore the islands of the bay you should rent a boat from Ratatotok or basaan villages. It's alos possible from the village of Tumbak at 20 kilometers in the north (1 hour by boat) except during the windy season between july and september.

The 3 islelets of Batutiga, Dakokayu and Naga have the most beatifull coral reefs, with nice table corals and montifora formations (rose-like form corals). There is no real beaches but amazing view from the top of the tree islelets.

Hogow island have a nice, sheltered and very photogenic beach despite it could have a lot of trashes during some seasons. Young peoples from Ratatotok regulary come to clean the beach. The reef around Hogow host a large population of clown fishes on the slope in front of the beach (nemo City). You can also try snorkeling in the mangrove during high tide.


The last island, Salimburung is very rocky with a single and nice beach. The island host lots of birds. The snorkeling is less interesting there that around the others islands of the bay, but confirmed free divers will find huge table corals and massives corals on the east part of the island. Big fishes are often seen around the tables (mackerels, small sharks, big angelfishes...)


Wacth a video of snorkeling at BatuTiga.

Dive with the clownfishes of "Nemo City".

Free-diving at SalimBurung.



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